air plenum chamber

air plenum chamber
air plenum chamber HÜTT/WALZ Unterwindzone f, Zone f (Rost)

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  • Plenum chamber — A plenum chamber is a pressurised housing containing a gas or fluid (typically air) at positive pressure (pressure higher than surroundings). One function of the plenum can be to equalise pressure for more even distribution, because of irregular… …   Wikipedia

  • plenum chamber — A component of a jet engine designed to hold air at a pressure slightly higher than that of the surrounding air. Plenum chambers stabilize the pressure of the air before it enters the compressor …   Aviation dictionary

  • plenum chamber — [1] A large cast alloy body in an induction system which connects the throttle body or inlet tube to the cylinder head(s) or inlet manifold. [2] The air compartment in a car body formed between the scuttle and the bulkhead, providing a basis for… …   Dictionary of automotive terms

  • Plenum — may refer to:* Plenum chamber, a chamber intended to contain air, gas, or liquid at positive pressure * Plenism, or Horror vacui ( nature abhors a vacuum ) * Plenum, a meeting of a deliberative assembly in which all members are present; contrast… …   Wikipedia

  • air-cushion machine — ▪ vehicle Introduction also called  ground effect machine,  or  hovercraft,         any of the machines characterized by movement in which a significant portion of the weight is supported by forces arising from air pressures developed around the… …   Universalium

  • plenum ventilation — noun : a system of ventilation that applies the motive force at the inlets, drives the air through the rooms which become plenums, and avoids the incoming of cold drafts * * * a system of mechanical ventilation in which fresh air is forced into… …   Useful english dictionary

  • Air flow bench — An air flow bench is a device used for testing the internal aerodynamic qualities of an engine component and is related to the more familiar wind tunnel. Used primarily for testing the intake and exhaust ports of cylinder heads of internal… …   Wikipedia

  • plenum ventilation — a system of mechanical ventilation in which fresh air is forced into the spaces to be ventilated from a chamber (plenum chamber) at a pressure slightly higher than atmospheric pressure, so as to expel foul air. [1835 45] * * * …   Universalium

  • plenum — [1] A chamber, located between the throttle body and the runners of an intake manifold, used to distribute the intake charge evenly and to enhance engine breathing. [2] An enclosure containing air or gas at a higher pressure than exists outside.… …   Dictionary of automotive terms

  • plenum — /plee neuhm, plen euhm/, n., pl. plenums, plena /plee neuh, plen euh/. 1. the state or a space in which a gas, usually air, is contained at a pressure greater than atmospheric pressure. 2. a full assembly, as a joint legislative assembly. 3. a… …   Universalium

  • plenum — ple•num [[t]ˈpli nəm, ˈplɛn əm[/t]] n. pl. ple•nums, ple•na [[t]ˈpli nə, ˈplɛn ə[/t]] 1) phs a) the space in which a gas, usu. air, is contained at a pressure greater than atmospheric pressure b) the gas in such a state 2) gov a full assembly, as …   From formal English to slang

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